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Extend Your Roof's Life Up To 15 Years

Time, storms, and direct sunlight can cause your roof to weaken and become worn over time. This causes your shingles to become dry and brittle. 

An expensive roof replacement seems inevitable, right?

Now, you have an option besides a pricey roof replacement. Roof Maxx is a plant-based spray that is applied to your roof. It restores the oils to your shingles, allowing them to expand and contract with the changing temperatures. This quick procedure can add up to 15 years to your existing roof's life!

Less landfill waste. Less money. More life for your roof.

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“Roof Maxx stopped the coating from shedding off my failing roof and it still looks great after nearly 3 years.”
-Jerry L.

Recondition your roof at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Fill out the form to learn more.

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