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What is Roof Maxx?

Roof Maxx’s low-pressure all-natural treatment is guaranteed to extend your roof’s life by 5 years per treatment and up to 15 years with repeated treatments.

Daily expansion and contraction is critical for your roof’s optimal performance and longevity.

As a roof ages, the petrochemical oils dry out and the shingles' waterproofing asphalt becomes increasingly brittle. Movement-related stresses cause the shingle to slowly break apart, similar to the way a pothole develops in the road.


Roof Maxx is a powerful scientifically-formulated all-natural treatment that’s 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment.


Soy Fusion technology allows millions of micro-beads of soy methyl esters to quickly penetrate aged roof shingles. Like skin moisturizer for your roof, it restores flexibility within 72 hours, allowing the roof to freely expand and contract.

As the oils dry out, a roof lightens in color. Treated shingles are restored back closer to their original color due to oil resaturation.